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30 Guided Meditations App


30 Guided Meditations App

“Erin has an amazing ability to interview anyone and distill the spiritual essence of their message.  Within one day after she posted our interview, on how to raise VC money for business, I was contacted from someone who saw our interview and wants me to coach them from the tips I gave.” John Livesay

Author, VC Funding Coach and Strategist

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once said, “Beautiful people don’t just happen.”

She’s right: Beautiful people – people like Erin Fall Haskell, for instance – don’t just happen. They are not accidents, not coincidences. They are spiritual beings… on divine assignment… by divine dispensation… for a divine purpose: the conscious evolution of the planet, just like YOU!

Erin Fall Haskell has suffered and struggled; she has faced both minor trials and major tragedies. And she has come out on the other side of it all stronger, surer, and wiser. She has cultivated a profoundly deep and wildly penetrating appreciation, sensitivity and understanding of Life. That timeless wisdom and infinite insight fills her with the kind of soundless poetry and divine music that cannot be heard by the ear or seen with the eyes, but can only be felt by the heart.

Elizabeth also says, “Most people only sparkle and shine when the sun is out. When the darkness sets in, their true beauty is hidden.” As beautiful as Erin Fall Haskell is in the daylight, her true beauty is only revealed when the sun sets and darkness sets in. Then, she operates like a stained-glass window, her transparency functioning at its best… as a conduit for the light that emanates from within. That light – the loving consciousness that is One with the Light Source itself and all of us, the consciousness that is Erin. – lights up the whole sky! It turns-on the whole world!

I could go on for days, but the bottom-line is simply this: Erin Fall Haskell is a spiritual teacher on the leading-edge of consciousness who has dedicated her life to taking you on a divine adventure into the depths of your own soul. Please don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from her… to love her… and to let her love you. You won’t regret it.

Quite simply, I love Erin Fall Haskell, and I know you will, too! Robert Mack

E TV Show Host, Author

“Erin’s extraordinary coaching transformed my life within a few sessions.  Her experience and knowledge in both business as well as the spiritual realm along with her remarkable ability to listen, understand and provide ideas, have added years to my life.  Through working with Erin I have drastically increased my productive output, gained clarity in my personal and professional journeys and significantly reduced stress.  Erin’s work has had a deep impact in my day to day life. Thank you Erin” Ruben Torres

Financial Advisor, USB Financial Services

“Erin is an incredible demonstration of the spiritual and practical aspects of life expressing in a beautiful balance and harmony! Her intuitive guidance is grounded in a way that offers truth and solution to all who come in contact to her radiance. I am beyond grateful to call her one of my closest sisters of the heart!” Heather Powers

International Recording Artist

Erin Fall Haskell will transform your life with her wisdom and leadership, about finding yourself, connecting with others and living a fulfilled life. Liz Lira

World Champion Salsa Champion

Erin is a pleasure to work with in all aspects of your life. Get to know her and her work and you will find yourself transformed. Listen to her, study her works and enter a new world. Richard Lloyd-Roberts

CEO, Brandgarden




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