In this episode, we discuss:


  • Shifting from seeing obstacles as problems >>> to seeing them as opportunities.
  • Shifting from multi-tasking >>> to having laser focus.
  • Shifting from being reasonable >>> to being unreasonable.
  • Shifting from working for money >>> to having money work for you.
  • Shifting from transactional mentality >>> to transcending mentality

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Program Includes:

  • Daily Inspirational Audios to start each day off with prosperity consciousness. These are filled with universal truth, where you will learn the advanced version of the law of attraction and powerfully create your intention for the day.
  • Daily Prosperity Coaching Videos with the best distinctions I have learned over the last 20 years in the top leadership programs.
  • Daily Guided Meditations to assist you in aligning with Universal Laws. These have visualizations to help attune your subconscious mind with your deepest desires.
  • Private Facebook Group to support you in your journey. Each day a challenge will be posted in this group for everyone to comment and post their breakthroughs.
  • Bonus “How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind”


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Unleash Your Potential! Life is a divine adventure, full of twists and turns up and downs.  Diving to the truth one finds not only inspiration, but liberation.  Join us as we journey into this conversation discovering Universal Truths and how we are manifesting and co-creating with all of life through the Body, Mind and Soul.  Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to create a life they love! We talk about such topics as meditation, mindfulness, visioning, intuition, affirmations, spiritual mind treatment, Yoga, Sauna, Juicing, Diet Modification and the miraculous capacity to heal. We will also be discussing the best practices when it comes to: conscious commerce, divine entrepreneur topics, environmental solutions, nutrition, empowerment, inspiration, fitness, community, exercise, authenticity, vegan & plant based lifestyle, weight loss and mental attitude.  All this and more based on spiritual principles.  Teaching “Body, Mind, Spirit Detox” cleansing and revealing the innate healer, infinite intelligence and internal physician to reclaim your vitality, longevity, radiant health and wellness. Lets take this adventure together!



Erin Fall Haskell: Doctorate in Divinity, New Thought Leader, Transformational Author and Speaker, Mother and Lover of Life!

For Business Inquires and Speaking Inquiries Contact: erin@erinfallhaskell.com


  • I am not a medical doctor and non of these interviews are intended as a cure to any disease.
  •  I am a spiritual practitioner teaching spiritual principles.
  • Please consult your doctor for advice.
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Dr. Erin



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