“I had an out of body experience and the first thing I did was go look in the mirror…. and what I saw was the line of my body and in that space there was what you would consider to be a galaxy in the universe.” ~ King Gabriel Quincy Collymore 

King Gabriel Quincy Collymore is a Creator, Spiritual Transformer and Head Coach at Absolute Realization Coach and Healing.  His epic story of coming to an age of enlightenment within is inspirational and transformational… He gets vulnerable, raw and real!  His story includes the inner maturity of coming to an age of enlightenment through seeking, heartache and purification.  There is a history of the Age of Enlightenment and then there is “His Story” of this journey within.  I loved this interview!  I believe there are so many people having enlightenment experiences and don’t know where to talk about it.  We are awakening to the infinite aspect of ourselves!  Enjoy


In this episode, we discuss:

    • He dives deep into his intimate journey of awakening.
    • He believes true awakening is releasing the ego and stepping into the Divine Essence.
    • Along the way he was in college getting his degree in electrical engineering
    • Next, he went through a terrible breakup with a girlfriend experiencing heartbreak.
    • Instead of going towards his ego, he went within.
    • A friend of his turned him onto the book “The Kybalion.”
    • Then, all of his belonging burned in a fire.
    • A voice within told him to go to Los Angeles.
    • He went on a seven day fast and had an enlightenment moment
    • Book Title: “The Light of God, As Me.”
    • Company: Absolute Realization Coaching and Healing



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The Erin Fall Haskell Show

Unleash Your Potential! Life is a divine adventure, full of twists and turns up and downs.  Diving to the truth one finds not only inspiration, but liberation.  Join us as we journey into this conversation discovering Universal Truths and how we are manifesting and co-creating with all of life through the Body, Mind and Soul.  Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to create a life they love! We talk about such topics as meditation, mindfulness, visioning, intuition, affirmations, spiritual mind treatment, Yoga, Sauna, Juicing, Diet Modification and the miraculous capacity to heal. We will also be discussing the best practices when it comes to: conscious commerce, divine entrepreneur topics, environmental solutions, nutrition, empowerment, inspiration, fitness, community, exercise, authenticity, vegan & plant based lifestyle, weight loss and mental attitude.  All this and more based in spiritual principles.  Teaching “Body, Mind, Spirit Detox” cleansing and revealing the innate healer, infinite intelligence and internal physician to reclaim your vitality, longevity, radiant health and wellness. Lets take this adventure together!


1. Body Mind Spirit Cleanse & Detox: is a holistic program of purifying the body, letting go of limited beliefs and simplifying your lifestyle.  When we cleanse our bodies, minds and spirits we allow the innate healer to awaken!

2. Conscious Conversation: Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to create a life they love!

3. Awakenings: Join me as we dive deep into the ethereal, interviews on personal stories of spiritual awakening, enlightenment moments, epiphanies and revelations.

Programs: Body-Mind-Spirit Detox, Divine Entrepreneurs, Universal Law of Love and New Thought Global.

Erin Fall Haskell: Doctorate in Divinity 1016, New Thought Leader, Spiritual Practitioner, Trans-Denominational Minister, Author, Transformational Teacher, Mother and Lover of Life!

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  •  I am a spiritual practitioner teaching spiritual principles.
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Professional Bio:

“King Gabriel is an authentic Spiritual Transformer with the one goal of maintaining awareness of Oneness with the Creator by assisting others in attaining Absolute Realization.

In a general consensus, among the people who have known King Gabriel for many years, the participants, have collectively stated that He is Love Filled, Positive, Accepting, Cheerful and Compassionate.

The Spiritual Transformer, Certified Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Electrical Engineer (BS), Musician, Published Author, Professional Athlete and Coach in multiple sports; has lived with the memory of His Unity with the Creator.

He has had the honour of sharing the stage with many great Spiritual Leaders, highly regarded Speakers, Mystics and Musicians including, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Iyanla Vanzant,  Steve Harvey, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, The Black Eyed Peas and others.

King Gabriel has created, utilized and shared many amazing tools and practices that have shifted the minds of His communities in ways that are easily applicable and very understandable.

He is very grateful to have the ability to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of others.” (Bio Curtesy of Website)

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