“The Truth is that every individual possesses a miraculous innate capacity to heal.”  ~ Dr. Alexander Haskell, N.D. 

A conscious conversation with Dr. Alexander Haskell about how to detox your body.  He says it is imperative in today’s toxic world.  We discuss how to use sauna work, juicing and diet modification to rid the Body, Mind and Spirit of all pesticides, herbicides, negativity, stress and depression.  Within each of us is an innate wisdom and internal physician to restore high energy, longevity, wellness and vitality.  In this interview you will get an overview and answers to some of the purification secrets. Other topics we discuss are law of attraction and alternative medicine.


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3 Key Ways To Detox & Cleanse:

  1. Sauna Work
  2. Juice Cleansing
  3. Diet Modification & Exercise


Dr. Alexander Haskell N.D. has been practicing alternative medicine for over 30 years.  His specialties include purification, intravenous nutritional therapy and Hashimoto Treatment.  He teaches how to detox your body.

When he talks about these healing principles he says, “This Truth is nothing new and has been the guiding principle practiced by many great physicians throughout the ages. This Truth is our North Star and all therapies are designed to support this Innate Wisdom within each individual. I truly believe that within each person there exists a primal force, a divine intelligence which has the power to restore a person’s health. I believe the first, most important step to take is not only to recognize this divinity within but to develop a personal and loving relationship with it.  It is each person’s guiding principle.  

The next step is to understand that any symptom is the language of this intelligence and it is trying to get our attention.  It is also the whisper of our intuition, instincts and common sense. This step requires us to develop greater self-awareness and mindfulness.  

The next step is to realize that our physical body including the brain is composed of Earth’s elements.  All that we have consumed has miraculously become the body we live in.  From the physical perspective, what we consume we become.  From the spiritual perspective, what we think we also become. Then there is the environment we are surrounded by.  Imagine a dirty aquarium and its’ effect upon the fish.  As human beings we have never lived in such a polluted environment as we do today.  Toxins enter us through our lungs, intestines and skin and even a healthy body struggles with clearing these toxic residues.  Over time they accumulate and obviously have a negative effect upon our health and vitality.  Then there are bacteria, viruses and molds which we can normally handle yet when our health declines for various reasons we may no longer be able to keep them in check.  Pathogens excrete their waste, lead to various types of inflammation and over-stimulate our innate immune system which eventually becomes fatigued.  

Therefore the primary focus then is to support this divine intelligence by providing the nutrients required to repair and to function optimally, by removing toxic residues from our cells and tissues and by reducing the over population of pathogens.  This is our approach… Nature Cures… yet truly it is the Nature within each person that cures.  

In this episode, we discuss:

    • Why is cleansing and detoxing so important
    • How to detox your body
    • How the body deals with toxins
    • How to increase excretion of toxins
    • How we may be being intoxicated right in our homes
    • We briefly talk about sauna, juicing and diet modification
    • We discuss molds, e.m.f.’s, pesticide and other toxins
    • How to manage the side effects while cleansing
    • How to ground yourself while your sleeping on a grounding map
    • ClearHealthCenters.com


The Erin Fall Haskell Show

Unleash Your Potential! Life is a divine adventure, full of twists and turns up and downs.  Diving to the truth one finds not only inspiration, but liberation.  Join us as we journey into this conversation discovering Universal Truths and how we are manifesting and co-creating with all of life through the Body, Mind and Soul.  You will learn how to detox your body, mind and spirit. Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to create a life they love! We talk about such topics as meditation, mindfulness, visioning, intuition, affirmations, spiritual mind treatment, Yoga, Sauna, Juicing, Diet Modification and the miraculous capacity to heal. We will also be discussing the best practices when it comes to: conscious commerce, divine entrepreneur topics, environmental solutions, nutrition, empowerment, inspiration, fitness, community, exercise, authenticity, vegan & plant based lifestyle, weight loss and mental attitude.  All this and more based in spiritual principles.  Teaching cleansing and revealing the innate healer, infinite intelligence and internal physician to reclaim your vitality, longevity, radiant health and wellness. Lets take this adventure together!


1. Body Mind Spirit Cleanse & Detox: is a holistic program of purifying the body, letting go of limited beliefs and simplifying your lifestyle.  When we cleanse our bodies, minds and spirits we allow the innate healer to awaken!

2. Conscious Conversation: Interviews and Conversations with Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Scientists, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Holistic Practitioners and Natural Healers. This is for the seekers on a spiritual journey to expand consciousness and discover how to create a life they love!

3. Awakenings: Join me as we dive deep into the ethereal, interviews on personal stories of spiritual awakening, enlightenment moments, epiphanies and revelations.

Programs: Body-Mind-Spirit Detox, Divine Entrepreneurs, Universal Law of Love and New Thought Global.

Erin Fall Haskell: Doctorate in Divinity 1016, New Thought Leader, Spiritual Practitioner, Trans-Denominational Minister, Author, Transformational Teacher, Mother and Lover of Life!

For Business Inquires and Speaking Inquiries Contact: ErinFallHaskell@gmail.com


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